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Success Stories
Success Stories

Success Stories

Comments from clients who have either directly participated in auditory integration training (AIT), or whose children have received AIT can provide insights about the results. This information helps others who are interested in AIT to understand more about it and what changes might be produced.

The following comments from clients were made either during the 10 days of training, or during the following months as they experienced the gradual changes.

"My ears and eyes seem to get more information than they did before. Sounds don't break my concentration now. I can feel both my ears working well together."

"I can read longer now because I don't get tired. I no longer have to reread what I just read, because I understand it now when I first read it."

"I am no longer exhausted after sustained social interactions - something which was common before. Life is simply a lot more pleasurable."

"I can understand what you say when you say it now, without having to think about it."

"Music sounds different now. I can hear sounds in it that I never heard before."

"My auditory memory/learning ability has also increased. Now I can remember a phone number when someone says it to me."

"I can focus better. I can think better. I can smell things better. I can hear better. My whole body feels differently now. I can see better now. The sound of guns going off in my head has left now."

"It helped me and my headaches. It helped the hammering go away. I feel better. My mouth is talking. Words are coming out!"

"I actually read an entire book and was able to understand what I read with all the background noise of my kids, husband and the TV! In the past, I would have to read in complete silence."

"I can focus on and understand the conversation going on at my table now. I can filter out the background noises."

"I can do two things at once now, like listen to my teacher and write."

"I feel bigger now - like I can control myself better."

"I wish AIT had been available to me as a child. It would have saved me from a lot of heartache."

The following data is based on test scores of individuals. Individual results may vary from those indicated here.

Kindergarten Screening

The Phelps Kindergarten Readiness Scale was given to this 5 year old boy by a Special Education Consultant. He was not ready to attend kindergarten so he remained in preschool with no other intervention except AIT during Christmas vacation.

Post test scores were obtained 4 months after AIT, one year after the initial testing was done. He started kindergarten the following September and completed a very successful year.


Auditory Processing

The Screening Test for Auditory Processing Disorder (SCAN-C) was given to this 7 year old girl. She had difficulty filtering background noise and attending to the teacher in class. Her data indicates a significant improvement in filtering background noise six months after AIT and her classroom performance has shown very good improvement.


Screening for Auditory Processing Disorders in Adolescents and Adults.

The Screening Test for Auditory Processing Disorder (SCAN-A) was given to this 38 year old male. He had significant difficulty filtering background noise and with the competing words and sentences subtests (dichotic listening). When adults have depressed scores on the two dichotic listening tests, an auditory processing disorder is usually indicated. His post-AIT data indicates a significant improvement in all areas six months after Berard AIT and his verbal performance has shown excellent improvement.


Test of Problem Solving

The school district administered this test to a young high-functioning girl with autism every spring. Her scores do not indicate progress during the first two years. In the summer of 1993, she participated in AIT. The scores she achieved in the spring of 1994 indicate significant improvement, even though problem solving skills are typically quite difficult for those on the autism spectrum.

Coloring Improvements Pre / Post AIT

Changes in Handwriting Pre / Post AIT