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Practitioner Training
Practitioner Training

Become a Berard AIT Practitioner from a proven expert

Scheduling Seminars:

Seminars are scheduled by arrangement between the instructor and the participants. A distance training program is available, or the seminar may be offered onsite.

To pursue your interest, please submit Online Application below

Online Application

Acquire the knowledge and certification needed to provide Berard Auditory Integration Training (AIT) to clients of your own. AIT practitioner training includes lectures, discussion, and hands-on work with approved Berard AIT equipment.

What to expect from the seminar

The three day training seminar includes workshops, written work, and case studies involving:

  • client evaluations and intake
  • audio testing requirements
  • AIT procedures (interpreting audio tests, selecting filters, selecting music, operation of device, client cooperation, etc.)
  • parent consultation
  • data collection and analysis
  • aftercare consultation
  • research studies
  • overview of other sound interventions
  • professional practice considerations

Comments received on the Practitioner Seminar Evaluation form at the conclusion of the training include:

"One of the most practical and functional seminars I’ve ever attended. I really feel like I could start tomorrow and feel pretty confident!"

"The amount of material included was vast, - yet, amazingly organized."

"Everything was laid out so nicely – organized and easy to follow."

"Thank you! This has been a powerful experience. I look forward to being a practitioner!"
"I must say this has been an amazing experience for me."

Certification upholds the Berard AIT standards of excellence

The Berard AIT program is used as an educational intervention for those with special needs or for optimal performance. Training as a practitioner is available for those providing educational services within their professional field. A master's or doctoral degree is required, or a bachelor's degree with 5 years of actual "on-the-job" experience in a field related to special needs and/or developmental disabilities.

The Berard AIT Instructor will advise you if there are questions about eligibility.

A provisional certificate is awarded at the end of the seminar. The Berard AIT Certificate of Completion is then awarded within eighteen months upon completing the Intern Period and fifteen case studies.

Seminar fee and application for registration

The fee includes three days of workshops, all materials, and case study reviews following the seminar. A distance training program is available, or training may be in-person with the instructor.

Please submit a free Seminar Application Form to apply for an upcoming seminar.

For additional details and referral to approved Berard instructors, please contact Kristin Keller Daus at: